Sunday, March 17, 2013


I've been going to a certain vitamin store for quite some time - mostly out of convenience.  The location is good and I have a lot of rewards built up.  But, the service is so annoying.  I feel like I'm entering a den of hungry wolves going into that store.  The sales people hover and try to sell you everything in the store the entire time.  It's so annoying!

Yesterday we went to the grand opening at my new gym and The Vitamin Shoppe (also brand new in my 'hood) had a booth there.  After our workout, we went over to check out the new store and it was great!  I loved the products they had (even vitamins for your pets!)  Plus, the service was great - the staff was knowledgeable when we asked about products, but didn't follow us around the store the entire time pushing this month's spiff product.

The best thing I bought was a month's worth of vitamins in a single pack for only $37.  I spend so much time and money getting together my daily intake of fish oil, a multivitamin, vitamin D, etc.  Now, I just have to grab one pack and I don't have to deal with the organization any longer.  Check it out:

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