Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eat Clean, Train Mean, Live Lean

I'm about to share (again) the most valuable information I've learned during my 'journey'. If you truly want to transform your body, you must strength train! I'm so passionate about strength training and lifting free weights because it will help shape your body and burns calories around the clock.

Does muscle weigh more than fat?

This is a constant debate, but a pound is a pound is a pound. If you are only using the scale as your gauge for progress, I hope to change your mind - measurements are more important!

A pound is a pound. But, what you do with that pound makes a difference:

Take your measurements!

The scale does not tell your whole story. This is not me, but is a perfect example of why you should take your measurements, pay attention to how your clothes feel and look in the mirror to get your feedback. It's not all about the scale!

When I first reached my goal weight of 140 in 2006, I was thrilled to be a size 6. (Right??!!!)  But, I knew I could bite off even more. I started lifting weights and my weight didn't change at all, but I eventually moved into a size 4. Not only that, my body had more shape, curves and I felt STRONG!

Don’t be a cardio queen

Now, ladies, when I say lift weights, I mean LIFT. I was in the weight room a few weeks ago and saw a woman in her 20's doing bicep curls with three pound weights. It took all of my strength to bite my tongue! She was doing absolutely nothing for her body with those “curls”.  Three pounds - five pounds - eight pounds...these weights are not for you! You have to lift more to promote change and muscle development. Make it difficult and change things up.

I recommend lifting weights three times per week, not consecutively.  One to two cardio workouts in addition to this will be sufficient.  The cardio queens who workout on the elliptical every day have patience, but they are not STRONG!

This is a great article about what lifting can do for you. Start now and you won't be sorry!

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