Sunday, June 12, 2016

The New Normal

Week 1 of the "new normal" is complete!

Here's what I feared:
  • Starting a new job
  • A new commute
  • Not having time to take care of my health

New Job: I haven't started at a new company since 1997. Let that sink in. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But, it went really well. I picked up on everything quickly and I spent the majority of my time writing - LOVE! This is a welcome change from my last job that entailed much less writing and much more red tape, meetings and email. Refreshing!

Commute: We only have one small hybrid car fit for an urban environment. That will need to change soon! (Convertible, you think?!?!) By Friday I was able to make it to and from work without my GPS. And, usually the skies are clearing from afternoon storms on my way home, which makes for a magnificent drive.

Healthy Lifestyle: Keeping up my healthy habits is a priority. But, things have changed, so I have to adjust.
  • I've been walking to and from work for the past three years.
  • I've been using a standing desk at work for the past year.
  • I've had a gym membership for the last several years.
I have none of this anymore. Yikes!

We are getting back on track with meals after our road trip. And, I worked out 4 out of 5 mornings this week. I actually went running outside one morning, which I haven't done in ages because it's been too cold in Minneapolis. I miss not having a gym right now, but I'm working with weights I have at home and doing fine with that. I also got in a pool workout after work twice this week and walked on my lunch break. Plus, I feel like I'm so much more active from a NEAT perspective, which contributes.

Prior to my week back to work, we headed to Fort Myers Beach.

Shortly after this photo was taken, Tropical Storm Colin effects rolled in and we experienced a mass exodus from the beach like I've never seen before!

Luckily, the weather cleared up this weekend. Yesterday morning we went to a community my husband found that's just a mile from us to watch dolphins and manatees playing. I could've stayed there watching all day, but it was cooking outside!
 Then, I did some househunting, a pool workout and rewarded myself by cooling off with a bit of rum while watching the hometown Minnesota Twins game at our new local tavern!

Another day at the beach and pool today, then back to the new normal tomorrow! And, I'm excited! I was worried that the grass wouldn't be greener. That the dream I hyped up in my head for so long wouldn't be as great as I thought. But, it's even better than I imagined. I found my home!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

We made it!

We made it to Fort Myers! It was a long, long drive, but we finally made it!

It was my last day at work. I was happy that it was pretty uneventful because so many people were out for the holiday weekend already. I wrapped a few things up and left peacefully :)

When I got home, we packed up the last few things into our POD and hit the road! We decided to play the Flat Stanley game with a twist! :)

Of course, it was raining, so it was a gloomy drive. We made it to Madison, WI around 5:00 and settled in for the night.

Hidden gem: La Mestiza Mexican restaurant

It was a very boring drive from Madison through Illinois. VERY boring and cloudy. But, I was happy to have an uneventful drive and get some more hours under our belt!

Hidden gem: Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham, IL (We crashed a wedding! Congrats to Josh & Erin!)

This was easily our best day of driving! We drove from southern Illinois through Kentucky and onto Nashville. It was only a few hours long and very beautiful. We'd never been to Nashville, so I was excited to stay downtown and explore the city.

We made the best of our day visiting the Titans stadium, the Parthenon and a few local places to hear some music.

Hidden gem: The Palm

This was our most stressful day of driving! We were on the road for a good 10 hours and endured the mountains in Chattanooga, Atlanta traffic and Florida rain. I was so happy when the day was over!

Hidden gem: The Florida Border!! (Not really hidden, but it felt like it when we were driving!)

We drove a few hours from Gainsville and made it to Fort Myers on Tuesday. Since then I feel like we've had more activity than I've had all year so far in Minneapolis! We've been in the pool every day, been to the beach and unloading our POD burned quite a few calories.

It's back to work on Monday. I'm looking forward to getting back on track with our meals and figuring out my new workout plan, which will certainly include a lot of water activities and pool workouts. SO happy to be here and see my dream of living in a warm climate realized!