Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello Goodbye

"Hello, hello...I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello..." - Lennon/McCartney

It was a week of goodbyes with the hellos trying to burst through. Yesterday morning I saw a Facebook post about someone passing at Paisley Park. First, I messaged my friend, who is also a major Prince fan, to ask her if she heard. Then, I began alerting my co-workers like a crazy person. This COULD NOT BE Prince! No no no no no! Well, you know how that all unravels. I followed the news the rest of the day, then came home and immediately started the vinyl. There was no other solace.

Even though the biggest street party in Minneapolis history was just a short walk away from my apartment, I didn't go. I followed with everyone online instead while listening to Prince tunes and the helicopters buzzing above my apartment building all night.
On my walk to work this morning, I took in the aftermath. Quiet and cloudy:


From my favorite Prince song: "I am yours now and you are mine. Together we'll love through all space and time, so don't cry..."

Moving on...

Since I decided to quit my job and move across the country, I've been trying to find a new job! I've been working at the same company for nearly 20 years. It's been good from a security standpoint, but it hasn't been good for my soul aside from the few great friends I've made along the way. But, day-to-day, it's stressful and not something that makes me feel fulfilled at the end of the day. I'm ready to say goodbye #corporatelife

While having a paycheck and benefits is an obvious concern, I'm doing my best to really try to do something different. Something more creative, enjoyable and rewarding. I have a lot of ideas about what that could be. But, in the midst of trying to move, keep up with the job I still have for a few weeks and stay on track with life, it's been tough to have a good stretch of quiet time to meditate on the ultimate questions like, what am I here for? How can I make an impact and do some good? What are my talents? How can they be used?

I spent the week interviewing for a new job, which went well. I went to a LinkedIn training class. I took knowledge from that to do some successful networking. While my immediate actions and new connections might not bring anything now, you never know what will pop up for the future. Live in the moment. Listen to others. Help people. It will come back to you.

However, for now I'm just trying to say hello to my new life. Current stop is Limbo Land. But, more is on the horizon...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Life without a weight room

About 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to lift weights. I’d recently lost about 25 pounds through diet and pilates, but I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. My husband and I joined our community center gym, so he could teach me how to use the equipment and free weights. 
When I thought about how my weightlifting lesson would go down, I pictured one of those workouts that you see in a women’s fitness magazine. You know - the ones where the women (who are actually models) look fabulous and the workout calls for two sets of 15 reps with five-pound weights. But, that’s not at all what my husband had in mind for me. He said that I could easily do a workout designed for men. We started training with Men’s Health TNT Workout, and I fell in love with heavy weightlifting. I enjoyed it so much and it’s still a workout that I go back to today.
Ever since then, I’ve worked to challenge myself in the weight room. I lift as heavy as possible and learned to do some Olympic lifts. At one point, I beat the gym’s record for bench press. Weightlifting has turned into a fabulous and healthy “hobby” for me!
Now, I can’t even remember life without having access to weights and a gym. In my current living situation, I’m lucky enough to have a gym just downstairs in my building.

But, I’ll be moving in a couple of months and for the first time in many years, I won’t have access to a gym. PANIC!

I know that while I transition to my new surroundings that I won’t be able to just NOT do strength training. So, I’ve been trying to think of some creative ways to workout without having access to a gym. Here’s what I’ve come up with:
Swimming pool workouts:  Luckily, I will have access to a pool. And, since it will be summer in Florida, I’ll probably need it to cool off! I found some amazing workouts for the pool. Thank goodness for Pinterest.
Make use of free weights/body weight: There’s something to be said for old fashioned pushups. I also have access to a set of 12-pound free weights. I am going to get creative with step-ups, pushups with weights, planks and other body weight exercises to keep up my strength.
Try a new sport: There’s shuffleboard, pickleball and tennis available at my new place, which will give me plenty of opportunities to work on my fitness (and coordination) in new ways.
What ideas do you have for me while I adjust to life without a weight room? I want to know your creative workout plans!