Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's always time to set goals

I was feeling really overwhelmed this week. I've started training for my (first!) half marathon, which requires three days of running per week. Last year when I trained, I dropped by weightlifting days down to 2...then 1...then zero days per week. I love lifting and I don't want to fall behind again, plus it will help me keep my weight down. So, I've also scheduled lifting three days each week, which leaves one rest day. I am doing my best not to double up workouts, so I can dedicate my energy appropriately, but that doesn't always work.

With six workouts per week, a full-time job, our cleaning business, etc. etc. etc., I wasn't sure how I was going to fit everything in. Plus, I always have other non-fitness goals going on in my head because I can't sit still :) I have a lot I want to accomplish yet this year and I had to get organized.

I went to my favorite coffee place and sat down with my GTD binder:
  • First, I scheduled all of my workouts on my personal calendar. These are appointments I cannot miss - especially if I want to be prepared for my half.
  • Then, I wrote down two other things I wanted to accomplish this year, but I had to break these goals down further: 1) What is the first step I need to take to get started? 2) What is the next step after that? 3) Schedule time on my calendar to take these steps.
  • Finally, I wrote down where I wanted to be at the end of the year and another item to start planning for in 2013.

I have everything organized and know the small steps I need to take every day to achieve them. I keep the plan with my personal calendar so I can look at it every day as a reminder of where I'm heading.

Also, I read a great article this morning on goal planning and this guy suggests the GTD system as well. I highly recommend it!

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