Sunday, March 25, 2012

Getting your head straight

I learned (or re-learned) a couple of things this week:

1) Small changes can make a big difference.
2) The mental game in this journey is the key to success.

Of course, I know these things already. In fact, I'm in the middle of writing a health/wellness book that focuses on getting your mental game together to successfully get to your goal weight. But, apparently, I easily forget these things myself!

The small changes I made were with my diet since that makes the biggest difference. I changed up my morning and afternoon snacks:
- In the morning, I typically have fat free yogurt with granola and instead I had a hard boiled egg and grapes.
- In the afternoon, I usually have an apple with melba toast and a Laughing Cow wedge. I swapped the melba toast out for cucumber and sprouts.

Clean clean clean!

Mentally, I kept in mind my hunger levels and truly only ate when I was hungry. Also, I started a difficult weightlifting workout. For the last two months, I've been doing a 3-day split workout I created myself. I thought I was prepared to begin this workout (TNT Advanced), however it was more difficult than I anticipated. It took quite a bit of self-talk at the gym to push through and complete it!

As a result of these small changes, I lost two pounds this week!

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