Sunday, April 29, 2012

Small Wins = Big Victories

Last week I told you about how I avoided "free" french fries.  This week I went out to dinner with friends again.  I've become very good at planning and prepping for day-to-day meals.  But, when I get off of my routine, this is when my mind gets weaker.  I begin reading a menu or give myself permission to eat off plan just this once because I deserve it!

Since I'm focusing on clean eating, it was really difficult for me to find anything on the menu that was completely clean.  So, I decided to ask the server if I could make my own meal instead - and it was a success!  I ordered a grilled chicken breast with a side of grilled asparagus.  It was inexpensive, delicious and healthy.

When everyone around you is eating off the menu, it can be difficult to do something different - either due to pressure or lack of wanting to think outside the box.  This is a mental game - just keep you goals in mind, focus on the fun with your friends and remember that food is fuel.  You will be successful!


  1. wow! well done! since I'm doing a modified-paleo diet I find it a little bit easier to go out to certain types of restaurants. It's more avoiding the bread, potatoes, french fries that's hardest, but I'm getting more and more used to it and I don't even physically WANT that stuff (as opposed to mentally wanting). That you pretty much created your own meal out is amazing and should give a lot of hope to others to just ASK rather than accept what is only on the menu!

  2. Thanks, Pinky! I'm focused on clean eating 80% of the time and enjoy one cheat meal per week. Especially if I'm training for a long distance race (like I am now), it's so important for me to stay on track with eating and exercise.