Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fit Fest 2015 Review

On Saturday I had the privilege of attending the first annual Fit Fest event in the Twin Cities sponsored by Mpls-St. Paul Magazine. Not only was it the first Fit Fest, but it was the first fitness event of its kind hosted here. This amazes me, since we are known as one of the fittest cities in America. I attended with my super fit and fun pal, Christina, from Four Season Fit. Check her out!

Here are the quick and dirty highlights of the event:

The speakers were legit. The keynote speaker and class instructor was Chris Freytag. Locals, you may know her from KARE 11's Motivation Monday. Her talk about healthy eating was direct and easy-to-follow. She is extremely knowledgeable, but keeps it real. 

I also heard Dr. Christina Meyer-Jax speak who discussed smart food hacks about how to make the best food choice the easy food choice. My favorite: grab some mason jars and put some hummus at the bottom. Top with cut up veggies and it makes an easy-to-grab snack!

My favorite speaker was Lori Schaefer of In the Equation, who you may have seen on The Biggest Loser. I'm not one for crying, but her story brought me to tears. If you need some inspiration, take a look at her story. It's amazing and motivating - and proves that you can do anything even if you've failed many times before. My favorite note from her talk: It's much easier to lose the weight than it is to keep it off. Amen, sister. Here I am at Lori's session!

The classes kicked ass. The event offered so many classes, but I selected a Turbo Kick class that was very fun, but alas, I got my ass kicked. That said, the expo at the event offered free massages, so it's all good now!

The venue was amazing. The new Recreation and Wellness facility at the University of Minnesota is ridiculous. State of the art and beautiful!

The folks who organized Fit Fest were amazing. The event itself was organized beautifully. Many friendly helpers were there to keep things running smoothly and made sure everyone knew where to go. A very special thanks to whoever ran across the street to fetch a turkey sandwich for me since I couldn't eat the peanut-laden lunch provided! That is truly an above-and-beyond move!! To top it off, the entire event only cost me $20 to attend. $20!!! WHAAAA???!!! I know, right? And, it took place on a beautiful day in Minneapolis, which is rare. Yet, the event was so good that it kept everyone captivated indoors all day!

Locals, be sure to watch for this event next year! I know similar events are also available nationally. Simply google "fit fest" to find an event near you!

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