Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Challenging the status quo

When was the last time you challenged the norm? So much of our days - and even years - consist of daily habits and rituals. When things stay the same, sometimes they get more and more difficult to change. We get used to things and accept them for what they are.

Usually when we think about making an impactful change, we think of something that takes planning and a long time to institute. We think of bigger things. But, the small changes can be impactful, too!

Today I made a really small, but impactful change!

For 18 years, I've had a desk job. I sit most of the day, which I'm totally against. I've even had this article and this photo hanging in my cubicle for years as my "dream" desk!

An "official" standing desk isn't readily available to me and I've often thought about how to fashion one myself. But, I could never figure it out - or rather - I didn't put in the energy or time to really figure it out. I settled for the status quo. Sitting at a desk for many years has been my norm and I lived with it.

The most simple thing happened today. A co-worker helped me discover a crank handle under my desk. I knew it was there, but I thought it only moved the desk a few inches. NOPE!!! I was able to crank it up a good foot! Then, I figured out how to extend my monitor and boost up my keyboard and mouse. Now, I finally  have a standing desk!

In the few short hours that I used it today, I already felt better. I'm more energized and I don't feel like I'm slouching at all like I do when I sit in my chair! 
The lesson learned: no matter how small or insignificant you think the impact will be, always challenge the norm! Small changes can make a big difference. Imagine if I'd done this 10 years ago. Would things be different? Would I feel more positive about my workspace? Would I have less back and neck strain? Would I weigh five pounds less than I do now?
What small change can you make today that will change your tomorrow? Challenge your status quo!

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