Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are you working too hard or hardly working?

After months of hearing my spin class instructors talk about the benefits of using a heart rate monitor, I finally bought one for myself! For as much time as I spend at the gym, this purchase was well worth it. Because I can track my calories burned and heart rate, I can easily determine how hard I'm working (or not working!)

I learned that my maximum heart rate is 184, my 70% target is 129, my low end is 124 and my resting heart rate is 65. Knowing this information is very valuable because I've learned that I'm burning more calories than I thought during my spinning workouts (good news) and that I sometimes tend to have a heart rate over 184, which means I'm working too hard. Also, during my step/kickboxing class yesterday, I learned that I was not working hard enough. I was able to do some of the advanced moves and use my arms more to get my heart rate up where it should be.

Get one! I found mine at Target for $49.49!

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