Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's February 1 - Keep your New Year's resolutions going!

It's February 1. There are those of us that succeeded in sticking to resolutions by creating new habits over the last 30 days. And, there are those of us who are not making it to the gym EVERY DAY as we promised ourselves on January 1. If you've been slacking a bit, don't give up yet! Try this:

If your resolution is to try to lose weight, don't take an all or nothing approach. Fit in a 10 minute walk when you can and make it 15 minutes next time. Try a new healthy recipe this week. Cut down to one soda per day and drink a bit more water.

If your resolution is to give back, it doesn't mean you need to take a 6-month hiatus to help rebuild a community halfway across the world. Try walking or biking versus driving when possible. Buy a fun coffee mug and re-use it instead of depleting Starbucks of their paper cups. Gather some friends and spend a few hours volunteering for a common cause.

If your resolution is to be more organized and hiring a personal assistant isn't an option, try tackling one mess at a time. Clean out your "junk drawer" and buy an organizer for it. Get a white board with different colored markers to highlight activities for each person in the household. Get an "inbox" for your household where everyone can place pertinent papers for immediate attention, such as school field trip permission slips.

Small changes over time will help you reach your ultimate goals. Break down your large goals into small tasks and tackle each one separately. Your New Year's resolutions will become day-to-day habits by Dec. 31, 2011!

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