Monday, January 31, 2011

Creative Veggie Options for Winter Weather

Experiencing 36 Minnesota winters causes me to get creative about getting in veggies during cold months. There is no such thing as "fresh" vegetables since just about everything in grocery stores rots in a day or two. Not to mention, constantly combating the craving of comfort foods.

Try these veggies options for winter:

Soups. Weight Watchers markets three fabulous soup recipes that are full of veggies, low calorie and filling. It's easy to make a large batch and freeze for the week.

Try frozen. Frozen vegetables are generally cheaper and last longer. Mix with grilled chicken to create a stir-fry or steam them and serve as a side dish.

Choose veggies in season. Avocados are excellent this time of year and can be substituted for mayo on wraps or sandwiches. Try adding it to a BLT (using turkey bacon, of course!). Or, saute artichokes or mushrooms with a teaspoon of olive oil. Here is a great reference guide to seasonal vegetables and fruits:

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