Sunday, January 12, 2014

Small habit changes over time - 12-week challenge

I spent a lot of time/energy/money trying to follow strict diet plans in the past - really for the majority of my 20's.  I failed every time.  The problem was that I tried to change everything in one day (which is obvious to me now).  Looking back, I really don't know why I thought I could just change all of my bad habits overnight.  Like that.  BOOM!  A brand new person.

And, even worse, why was I so damn hard on myself when I failed each time?

What was I thinking?

I finally realized that I really needed to change my unhealthy ways, but it was so overwhelming.  My weight was at an all-time high.  I was about to move up into the next clothing size.  I was horrified when I saw photos of myself.  I needed to do something.  So, I started out slowly by giving up soda.  That was all I focused on for a whole month - just don't drink soda!  I didn't change anything else.  The next month I started doing Pilates.  My first workout I only made it 10 minutes and then I worked my way up from there.

When I would get one new habit down comfortably, I added on another.  Soon, I was eating better, tracking food, working out almost every day and I gave up soda and fast food.  I didn't get down on myself for a bad moment or bad day - or even a bad week.  I just shook it off and tried to re-focus on the new habits I wanted to create.  It wasn't a diet anymore - it was a lifestyle.

I know it can be difficult to start and re-start over and over.  I've created a spreadsheet for a 12-week challenge to creating new habits slowly and successfully.  Choose from a list of habit changes and make that your focus.  I've created the template to allow for two new habit changes each week, but you can dial it back or bump it up - whatever works for you.  If you decide to do this exercise, please keep me posted on  your progress!

You can find the spreadsheet here so you can get started (maybe tomorrow!?).  I'm going to start tomorrow.  I've picked out my 24 habits, but I'm not quite sure of the order yet.  Some are new for me and some are ones I just need to brush up on.  The ones I didn't choose, I've either conquered already or I'm saving them for after the first 12-weeks!  Here's my start:

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