Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Are you better now than you were at age 20?

This morning I heard a recent quote from actress Cameron Diaz saying that she thought she was in better physical shape now than she was at 20-years-old. I realized that I think the same thing about myself.

At 20, I never ate breakfast. At lunch, I had whatever the college cafeteria served. Or, sometimes my roommate and I would simply grab an order of breadsticks from the Student Center restaurant. For dinner, we would split a box of Rice-A-Roni. I’m sure you can guess what my exercise routine consisted of: 12-ounce curls at Mel’s Midtowner Bar!

At 37 (and holding!), I eat breakfast every day within an hour of waking up. After that, it’s four or five small meals, which I try to keep clean most of the time. I exercise almost every day and I can lift a lot more than 12 ounces! Most importantly, I drink water constantly.

Sometimes, we focus on the things we don’t like about ourselves and the accomplishments are overshadowed by negativity. (OK, most of the time!) I do it all the time to myself. I focus on the fact that I want to lose 10 more pounds or that I ate pizza on Saturday night when I could've made a better choice. But, I forget how much I’ve improved my healthy habits over time. These accomplishments cannot be forgotten! This is your motivation to help you move forward and improve yourself even further. Unlike material items, the human body is the one thing that improves the more you use it.

We think of aging as a deterioration process. But, after reading this bio on Tosca Reno, I realized I’m actually younger now than she was when she started her journey. It’s never too late to start. It’s never too late to start again. It’s always too early to quit. Next week, I'll turn 38 - Bring it on! Hell, I think I’m ready for 40!

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