Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Positive Jar

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I have reached the age where I'd rather stay in on New Year's Eve instead of going out to fight crowds of 20-somethings for a cocktail whilst screaming conversations over the techno version of Bieber tunes.  Instead, my husband usually makes a delicious steak and lobster dinner.  We reflect on the year over a nice bottle of wine.

Over the past few years the reflection part hasn't been that positive for us for various reasons.  Maybe it's easier to remember the bad things that happen or unfortunate circumstances?  This prompted us to start the Positive Jar:  

Our goals for the year include eating healthier, clean foods because we splurged in December and getting into better physical shape.  We joined a new (and better) fitness center and we want to run a couple of road races this summer.  A major component for losing weight is staying motivated and being consistent with good habits, especially through difficult struggles.  No giving up!  I think making conscious notes about positive things that happen in our lives supports motivation overall.  It reinforces why we want to make changes in the first place.

The jar has a few more notes in it since I took the picture (yay!)  I'm looking forward to filling it throughout the year and reading it at our 2013 New Year's Eve dinner.  Please steal this idea!  It's not too late to start it this year!

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