Monday, October 12, 2009

What Motivates You?

We had our first snow today. Yes, it's only Oct. 12, but it snowed...ALL.DAY.LONG. I value my outdoor workouts a lot since you can't do many of them in Minnesota. I was trying to tough it out last week and ran outside when it was 40 degrees, windy and drizzling. I made it three miles and I was pretty surprised with myself. I prefer to run in sun and 80 degrees even though some would say that is too warm - I love it!

But, back to the 40 degrees - I had to find the motivation to accomplish that run. As you know, some days it's much easier to find incentives to work on your goals than others. For those days that you need to dig deep, make sure you have a written list of your goals handy for inspiration!
Answer these questions to help you get started:

-Why do you want to be healthy?
-What have you already accomplished?
-What is your next short-term goal?
-What is your reward for reaching that goal?

Let me know - What motivates you?

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