Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to Basics

There is something to be said for having a routine in place. As boring as it may be, it really does help me to have a routine so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t easy, but I started my day at 5:00 and made it to the gym before they even opened the doors. WOOT! I did a three-mile run (effortlessly, of course…ha ha ha…). I had healthy meals and snacks packed for my workday and it was great not having temptations nearby.

This day was a far cry from how I spent the last 11 days: Talking myself out of going the gym (though I did go a few times), having 11 “last suppers” along with some last breakfasts, lunches and snacks in there, and let’s just put it out there – I took advantage of my free reign of the kitchen. You cannot keep high-end dark chocolate, boxes of snack crackers and REAL cheese in the house and expect me not to touch any of it! The kicker is that I ate many of these treats while catching up on last season’s Biggest Loser on DVR.

While it’s kind of fun to revert back to my old ways of carefree calories, I have had enough of sugary foods and lack of exercise weighing me down. This is proof that I really have made a permanent change committing to an overall healthy lifestyle. I did a full kitchen clean-out yesterday and restocked with healthy foods again. I had a great healthy dinner tonight with leftovers for tomorrow – Jenni-O turkey kielbasa, grilled veggies and brown rice – YUM!

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