Friday, January 8, 2010

Gym Wars

This is the time of year I really dread going to the gym. For one, I really love to get my workouts done outdoors, but HELLO, I live in Minnesota. That isn't happening for at least three more months. Secondly, my gym is packed. If you are a regular gym rat, I'm sure you've noticed the same thing this week. While I can certainly respect someone wanting to get into the swing of things for the New Year, I think we can categorize the patrons as such:

1) Year-rounders. This is me, thankfully! These are the dedicated folks you see several times each week - even on New Years Eve morning.

2) New Year's resolutioners who are ready. This was me on January 1, 2004. I was ready! My head was right, I had a food plan, a workout plan and a mental plan. This was going to work because I was ready to do it. And, it worked! Next year, these folks will move into the above category!

3) New Year's resolutioners who are not ready. This was me on January 1, 2003...and just about every other January before that. These people know they should get healthy, but either don't have motivation, a plan, a support system or haven't chosen realistic goals. These people will be gone by Valentine's Day.

4) All show, no go! You know these people and I believe we can break this down even further. You know the gal who is there with full make-up, hair done up and spends more time looking in the mirrors than actual working out. And, you likely know the guy that comes to the gym in jeans rather than workout clothes. He is not in shape at all, so you wonder why he is at the gym in the first place. The worst part - he doesn't wipe the machines. Lastly, let's not forget the socialites. They are there to hang out on the machines while talking, but not to actually exercise.

If you are currently not in categories 1 or 2, continue to read this blog and I will get you there! Support and encouragement is key!

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