Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If TNT works, I'll look DY-NO-MITE!

By now, hopefully we are all back in full swing with our workout routines. Even I decided to take a break from my almost-daily workout routine to give my body some rest over the holidays. And, it shows since I'm terribly sore today!

I've decided to go back to a workout routine I tried a couple of years ago called the TNT Get Back In Shape workout. It's a 12-week workout, quick and easy to follow. I have read the book as well, but I don't follow the diet plan (which I closely relate to the Body for Life or South Beach Diet). I think the diet plan could work for some, but I'm more of a Weight Watchers girl.

If you are looking for a new workout plan for 2010, give it a try. Personally, I like the Men's Health workouts better than those I find in Women's Health. If you like to lift weights, it's much more challenging. Keep up a healthy diet and you will see results!

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