Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Healthiest Foods on Earth

I ran across this article this morning and I almost want to send a thank you note to the author. I am a firm believer that eating clean is the way to go! Eating tiny packaged processed meals filled with double your daily sodium intake is neither satisfying nor healthy. And, please don't even get me started on those 100 calorie packs. I mean, they do serve their purpose. I used to eat them myself when I first started "dieting" to satisfy the sugar craving that wouldn't go away and keep portions from one sleeve of cookies to this little package. However, in the long-term, these packaged items should be used for dire emergencies only (ie: your three children all have baseball games on different fields on the same night and you have five minutes to eat dinner.) Even in that instance, have a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread instead!

Take a read. If you are heading out to the store today, pick up a few items listed. My favorites and must-haves at all times in my fridge are blueberries, apples and salmon.

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