Monday, August 17, 2009

To cherish and protect

Do you ever get an invitation to one of those in-home "parties" and cringe? You know, the candle/food/makeup/jewelry or whatever product that your friends pedal out of their home. I cannot stand them! I always feel obligated to go and I end up buying an overpriced product that I don't want or need.

That said - and I can hardly believe my stubborn self is saying this - but, I believe I may have found a product that will change the tune I've been singing about home-based businesses. We went to a wine tasting the other day and they had several vendors there selling jewelry, crafts, lotions, etc. Usually, I browse these booths, but I'm never very interested in what they are selling. However, this time I found a great new product line that I will be integrating into my health and wellness routine. I cannot say enough about it - which is saying a lot for me! Like I said, I never get on board with these home-based businesses.

What do I love?
  • It's hometown-based (Twin Cities).
  • It's green. All products contain only plant-based, eco-friendly ingredients (no alcohol!).
  • Not animal tested.
  • They are anti-stress products that support my belief in health and wellness.

If you want to try it out, I highly recommend the purifying salt glow, which is what I purchased. It's AMAZING! And, my husband and I will be fighting over it because he loved it, too! It's $28 for about 80 applications. If you want to check out the entire product line, I recommend it! Again, I'm not a sales person for this company, but I cannot believe how amazing these products are!

Aihu: To cherish and protect

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