Saturday, August 8, 2009


Usually I don’t get into silly little sayings for motivation, but “stop” can actually be a pretty powerful word – especially when it comes to eating. If you are reading this blog, it’s likely that you don’t eat just because you are hungry. I mean, of course we all eat when we are hungry. But, what about the times you eat when you are NOT hungry? Why are you eating? Bored, tired, angry, lonely, happy, frustrated, sad and the list goes on.

S – Specify the trigger. What is triggering you to eat?

T – Think of what will resolve the trigger? If it’s truly hunger – go for the food. If not, try to address the issue at hand. Overindulging in food will satisfy you for a minute, but then you’ll likely feel guilty – which could make matters worse.

O – Occupy yourself. If your standard go-to is food, find another one. Call a friend, do some stretches, find a project, etc. Keep yourself busy!

P – Praise yourself. It sounds silly, but always give yourself a little self-talk or even a (non-food) reward if you’ve done a good job. It will encourage you to keep going!

If you are food journaling, try also journaling the reasons why you are eating when you do so. Are you eating due to emotion, physical hunger or maybe because the clock says so? Tracking what you eat along with why you eat can help you be more successful at weight loss.

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