Saturday, August 8, 2009

Your mama don't dance...

When you think of exercising, do you think of getting on a treadmill or some other form of boring activity you’ll have to endure for 30 minutes or more just to burn off a couple hundred calories? It's no wonder people don’t make the time to exercise! If you don’t enjoy your activities, you certainly won’t do it on a consistent basis!

Last night the exercise found me! I went to the Taste of Minnesota , which as the title says, is a fair full of deep-fried and high-sugar foods. And, certainly not anything I should be indulging on when I’m trying to shed inches. However, I also went because Bret Michaels was playing! In high school, I was a bigger fan of Poison than I was of Aqua Net. I’m also a Rock of Love junkie, so I had to see him.

I managed to get VIP passes, which was even better! I had a great view of Bret and lots of room to DANCE! I figure I was dancing and going crazy for at least an hour. Steven Adler’s band opened for Bret and they played some great Guns n’ Roses classics. It was a great concert and I burned about 350 calories dancing around like a fool and having fun!

It’s easy to think of exercise as a chore, but there are so many fun ways to burn calories. If you are in your garden or doing another hobby, it still counts as exercise! You don’t have to walk monotonously on a treadmill to burn calories. Find your fun and do it!

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