Monday, August 10, 2009

Tracking...a key to success

I get so many questions from people wondering how I've lost weight and kept it off. Or, how do I get back on track with weight loss after taking a break? Aside from actually wanting to lose weight, a significant factor is journaling or tracking what you eat, why you eat and tracking your activity level. Tracking can often be viewed as a chore. Try these tips if you want to get back to journaling, but you aren't sure how:

1) I show my journal to a friend every week, which gives me accountability.

2) If I lose weight for the week, I give myself a little reward each week. This is just a little something I wouldn't normally get for myself, but something I want like a new book or magazine, a new lipstick, etc.

3) This one is a little childish, but it works. If I have a good day, I put a sticker in my journal. This is silly, rewarding and allows me to go back and check out a good day if I'm struggling.

4) If I REALLY don't feel like tracking perfectly, I allow "guesstimates" for two meals a week. This way I don't feel deprived and knowing I don't have to be absolutely perfect every day actually takes the pressure off and makes it easier for me to stay on plan the other days of the week.

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